Freeform Backgammon v1.2.9 released

Released v1.2.9 update for Freeform Backgammon. This minor updates improves the display of the "points" on the board on all ARM Mali GPUs. You may recall a previous update (v1.2.5) that included a work-around for this problem on "ARM Mali-400" GPUs. That work-around has now been applied to all ARM Mali GPUs (the most recent failure was seen in the wild on the "Mali-T604" GPU used in the Nexus 10).

You may also recall update v1.2.7 which claimed to improve "reliability and robustness of the anti-aliased triangle shader". It turns out not to have been true. There is still a bug in my shaders that only shows up on the Mali GPUs. This release just falls back to the standard OpenGL triangle-based renderer for all ARM Mali GPUs.

Special thanks and kudos to the Freeform Backgammon user who reported this bug and included a screenshot of the problem. I also owe some thanks to Apkudo and to Appthwack for enabling me to test my shaders on a wide variety of devices.

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