Freeform Backgammon v1.2.1 released

Released v1.2.1 update for Freeform Backgammon. This minor update includes a fix for rendering checkers on older GPUs.

Thanks to Amazon for finding and reporting the bug this release fixes. The Amazon test process for the v1.2.0 release failed a test case with a "User Interface Distortion" bug. The bug report included this description (on a first-generation Kindle fire):

  1. Install and Launch the app.
  2. Tap on red coins.
  3. All the coins turns to white.

While this description is pretty broad and imprecise, I am glad that Amazon and not a (paying) customer found this.

After figuring out which GPU the older Kindles have (the Imagination PowerVR) then borrowing a friend's Kindle Fire, and then some googling I found a very useful hint.

The "fix" is to just make shader code more robust in the cases where the shader tries to return early (via a discard or return) inside an if. Thankfully these fixes are a good idea anyway (the single-instruction-multiple-data nature of fragment shaders means its always good to minimize conditional control flow).

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