Freeform Backgammon v1.0.7 released

Released v1.0.7 update for Freeform Backgammon.

I separated the "initial setup" choices from the "options" menu. There is now a dedicated button to bring up the initial layout choices, and there are a lot more choices available.

Freeform Backgammon Variations Menu

I fixed one crash bug: if you tried to send email to support from the "email" button in the game, it would crash if there was no email service configured. Specifically, invoking startActivity with an ACTION_SENDTO Intent would throw an unchecked ActivityNotFoundException. But this only happens if there is no email app registered. Supposedly this is true of the emulator, but I thought this would be impossible on a "real" device (since you generally need to setup email as part of the basic configuration).

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