Acknowledgments for Freeform Backgammon

I use a lot of different, mostly free, tools to build and maintain Freeform Backgammon and this website. I'd like to thank them by acknowledging their contributions in public.

  • Eclipse: the development environment I used write the majority of the code
  • Android SDK: Google's tools and libraries for building Android™ projects
  • libGDX: A game development library for Android, Desktop, and HTML5
  • TexturePacker Pro: for bundling in-game textures into an efficient format
  • TapeMachine for Android: for recording audio effects and video voice over tracks
  • Audacity: for editing audio effects and voice over tracks
  • Go: I wrote my server-side crash report receiver in Go, and I wish I could write Android apps in Go
  • Inkscape: for designing and drawing my logos, and video title and credit screens
  • Windows Live Movie Maker: for editing the promotional video
  • Blogofile: for designing this website
  • OpenGL: OpenGL underlies libGDX and Android's graphics.
  • Java: Java underlies both Eclipse and Android.
  • Linux: Linux underlies Android, and my servers
  • Windows 7: my desktop runs Windows 7
  • hosts of
  • YouTube: host of the promotional video
  • Emacs: all the Go and Blogofile development was done in Emacs
  • Cygwin: for making the Windows command line usable
  • The Internet: for learning how to use all of the above

An additional special thanks to Jahzzar for providing the music (the track is "Two Days") I used in the Freeform Backgammon promotional video.

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