mintty for windows

I just discovered (via lifehacker) the MinTTY alternative console that is part of cygwin.

I'm a long-time Linux developer that has recently switched to Windows as my primary desktop (the games are way better). Cygwin makes the existing command line experience far better by letting me use bashisms, find, grep and many of the other great command-line tools from Linux. However, I found the default windows terminal console limiting, even when its running bash. The default terminal is stuck at a fixed 80-character width, doesn't support cut+paste as I'm used to (or at all, as far as I can tell).

Cygwin ships with an alternate terminal mintty.exe that provides much more flexibility and customization. So I've got a wider terminal, better colors, and working cut+paste support.

More details are available at the mintty project page. Specifically, the mintty tips wiki has a bunch of great suggestions for integrating mintty in Windows (shortcuts, command-prompt-here, etc).

Thanks, cygwin!

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