finding a small business checking account

Part of starting Bitiotic required getting a "business" checking account. As far as I can tell these are just like personal checking accounts, but there is a business name on them, and the banks think its an excuse to charge fees. I can understand why banks charge a fee for services like counting piles of currency every day or dealing with piles of checks every day, but for an online app seller where the app market aggregates all sales into a single monthly transaction, there isn't much I need from a business checking account.

I spent some time searching around for a reasonable bank for my limited needs. Here are my notes on the banks (and credit unions) I found. Note that having a physical bank near me (i.e., in the California Bay Area) is a plus for me, but not required. Also, I generally ignored the "transactions per month" limits, as anything more than 10 or 20 transactions should be sufficient for my uses.

These are in no particular order. Details are from March 2012. There are a lot more limits and caveats on many of these accounts that I'm not listing, so do not assume something listed here will match your requirements or expectations.

Comments or Questions?

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