First post

First post on the Bitiotic blog. I'm building this website with blogofile, so am learning about that (and markdown and mako) as I write this.

I like the idea of statically generating my websites. For previous projects I had used a home-grown macro system (based on M4) to generate a simple site. I really like the ability to use the macros to add consistent content across the site and the ability to test the site locally with just a web browser. But the M4 macro language is nasty, and I was often debugging M4 quoting hell issues. So, it was time to find a real system.

A quick google search led to a whole host of static website tools, and blogofile seemed the most flexible (for me), especially since I'm comfortable with Python. A couple others looked good, but were based on Ruby, which I'm not as comfortable with.

Comments or Questions?

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