About Bitiotic

Bitiotic makes games. I'm a solo developer concentrating on Android puzzle and strategy games.


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Website Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains Bitiotic's commitment to the privacy of visitors to the bitiotic.com website.

Bitiotic uses Google Analytics to track usage of bitiotic.com through use of a "cookie" that collects anonymous traffic data.

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Bitiotic will only use any email address you provide for the explicit purpose listed when it was collected. In the process of receiving, retaining and using your address, multiple third parties, necessary for us to conduct business, may see it, but all such third parties will keep such information confidential. For example, Bluehost (host of bitiotic.com) may see your address in their logs or, we may use Google Mail to contact you (implicitly sharing your address with Google).

This privacy policy was written on June 28, 2012.

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